Two Six Code
July 11, 2012

The New Two Six Code

Today I am proud to launch the new Two Six Code site. I’ve been building ExpressionEngine sites with designers and their clients for nearly four years now. It’s what I do and I love it. One of the goals of the new site is to communicate that more clearly.

I won't wax poetic about ExpressionEngine (as I often do when talking to clients), but I will say this: it’s a great content management system and a big part of why Two Six Code is successful and has so many happy clients. EE also has a very friendly community of which I am proud to be a part.


The site design is by Cococello. What can I say about Deb? She’s a joy to work with and very talented. I am elated with the new design and had a blast putting this site together. Thank you, Deb. ♥

New copy on the site was provided by Dawn Klingensmith. I thought copy was going to be one of the toughest parts and I knew I wanted assistance from a pro. Working with Dawn made the process really fun.

Tech Notes

The site is built using a responsive approach (go ahead and resize your browser window if you are curious). I didn't go with a framework, but opted to create my own percentage-based layout and set the breakpoints where it made sense. In the spirit of future-proofing the site a bit I added retina (2x) images. Having tested this on the new iPad, I can say the sharpness is worth the extra time!

Another recently adopted technique that's been keeping everything super-clean and DRY in my ExpressionEngine templates is Stash and a template partials approach. I've built a few sites this way now and greatly prefer it. I'm not using very many other add-ons for this site, but it was fun to set up the ExpressionEngine control panel for myself for a change. For convenience I'm using EE's MetaWeblog API and MarsEdit to publish to the Notes section of the site.

I had a lot of fun with jQuery when putting this site together. I also relied on some great plugins, most notably jQuery Address, Flexslider, and spin.js.


Erik Reagan

Hi Alex,

I love the new site! Excellent use of jQuery Address and more. I wanted to do similar things to the Focus site but ran out of time. Perhaps one day though. You’ve given me a nudge of motivation here.

Great work to the design and copy folks as well. Congrats on the launch :)


Alex Kendrick

Thank you, Erik!

The Focus Lab site actually served as inspiration for some of the effects on the new Two Six Code so if I’ve given you a nudge of motivation I’m only returning the favor. ;)

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