Two Six Code

Finally, a web developer who speaks your language, executes your vision with elegance and ease, and provides your clients with the best CMS experience available.

Two Six Code offers web development services for graphic designers

who share my commitment to provide excellent customer service, attend to details without losing sight of the big picture, and bring passion as well as discipline to every phase of every project.

Two Six What?

Sailors of old shouted "Two, six, heave!" when hauling lines and raising sails. This chant coordinates brains and brawn for maximum strength and power.

Two Six Code brings that spirit to the mighty task of building exceptional websites. Like its nautical namesake, Two Six Code thrives on teamwork, ambitious goals, and unexpected challenges. I look forward to keeping your projects on an even keel.

Featured Work

Why EE and Craft ?

Both ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS have a super-flexible approach that can fit any design without compromise. A powerful and intuitive control panel ensures sites are a cinch for your clients to update.

Client Care

Human-friendly service is included. I work directly with clients and provide training and post-launch support so you can move on to your next big thing.


Early on, I work with you and your client to ensure the site is built to your specifications and tailored exactly to the client's needs.

Why Two Six Code ?

I'm design-savvy, famously reliable, and easy to work with. I save you time so you can grow your client roster and maximize profits.