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Human-Friendly Service

Alex KendrickAlex Kendrick is the brains and the brawn behind Two Six Code. His career history includes pulling up lobster pots in Maine, captaining snorkel trips in the Florida Keys, biology education, research entomology, custom remodeling (and, yes, hauling sails on a schooner to the cry of "Two, six, heave!").

When Alex made the switch from studying bugs to fixing them, he brought with him a passion for detail and a tireless drive for finding satisfying solutions to puzzling questions. Still an educator at heart, he loves working with even the most technophobic clients and helping them harness the power of the web.

Alex is rarely too far from his computer, but when he does slip away you’ll likely find him exploring the great outdoors with his wife, their two daughters, and Riley the lovable mutt. You can also find him on Twitter and LinkedIn or answering questions on the ExpressionEngine Answers Stack Exchange site.

​Two Six Code

  • Founded in 2009
  • Member, ExpressionEngine Professionals Network
  • Fully Insured
  • Loves working with both local and remote clients