Two Six Code


ExpressionEngine web development for designers and their clients

I build websites that are true to the design and easy to use. I am a nut for detail, and will keep all the pieces of your project organized and moving forward. But there’s more to my job than technology! I love working directly with clients and bring strong communication skills and a collaborative spirit to every project.

Why do designers choose Two Six Code?

  • Expert Customization

    ExpressionEngine and Craft's greatest strength is flexibility — they doesn't impose limitations on your design or your data. I know how to make the most of their flexibility and features, ensuring that your design looks its best and the control panel is as intuitive as possible for your client. If you need to extend your CMS's abilities I offer custom add-on development.

  • Consultation and Client Care

    I'm not a behind-the-scenes coder but an energetic and efficient collaborator. Typically, my services include consultation early on with you and your client, building everything to spec, and providing client training and ongoing support so you can focus on creative work and new business.

  • Built for Growth

    My websites are built to accommodate growth and changing needs. Did I mention that I love ExpressionEngine and Craft CMS? Their flexibility allows me to build a site that captures your creative vision and fulfills your clients’ needs today while providing for future expansion without the usual growing pains.

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You're like the designer's secret weapon.

Drew Garza
Art & Sons

Outstanding ExpressionEngine Developer and partner-in-crime. Any web designer or business owner would be lucky to work with Alex on an ExpressionEngine web build.

Deb Pang Davis

Your attention to detail is outstanding.

Jennifer Stewart
Modern Species

He's extremely knowledgeable about his craft, articulate, personable, and is simply a pleasure to work with.

Peter Streicher

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