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ExpressionEngine Add Ons

Last Updated Plugin

A simple plugin that returns the edit date of the most recently updated template or channel entry. Accepts EE date variable formatting. For example...

{exp:last_updated format="%F %d, %Y"}

...would return something like "November 28, 2010" (or some other date).

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Usability Accessory

UPDATE: I'm happy to say this add-on is not relevant anymore!

Now that ExpressionEngine includes override.css you can add any control-panel-tweaking-CSS to your themes/cp_themes/my_theme/css/override.css file. It works great in conjunction with the Nerdery CP Theme which is a nice, minimal override.


The following information is now out of date.

Usability is an ExpressionEngine accessory which adds clarity to text input and textarea fields in the control panel (excluding the publish form) and makes a few other CSS adjustments. Tweaks include a higher contrast, monospaced font, wider input fields, cursor adjustments for clickable and draggable elements, and a tweak to restore drag handles on custom fields in publish layouts view when NSM Morphine Theme is installed.

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