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July 17, 2010

A Few Time Savers

These well-designed and fun-to-use apps will quickly begin to feel like essentials by gracefully automating repetitive tasks. A few of these are especially good if you are a web-worker or often work with text.



So well designed. So useful. 1Password is more than just a time-saver. All your passwords in sync across all your browsers and computers. Huge ammounts of effortless automation for many aspects of login credentials and login forms.



SizeUp provides really snappy window resizing and movement. Great for getting two windows side by side or for quickly resizing a window to predefined dimensions (or sending it to another monitor!). When I am without it I feel like my hands are tied.



Application launching, quick web searching, clipbaord history, and a fast calculator are the parts of Alfred that I use most often. It has replaced Quicksilver in my book.



TextExpander saves typing by providing text triggers that expand into full snippets of text. If there is something you type all the time (or don’t want to remember how to type) it is easy to create a reusable snippet.



Many uses for this one. My favorite use for QuickKeys is assigning hotkeys to common applications and creating keyboard shortcuts for common action sequences involving multiple applications.


Name Mangler

Quickly batch rename files. Name Mangler detects selected files in Finder or Pathfinder and then systematically renames them with find and replace, add suffix or prefix, remove characters from end or beginning, numbering, etc.



Cleans up text for you. Just launch PlainClip and whatever is on your clipboard will be filtered according to your preferences.


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