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March 10, 2010

Transmit 3 Keyboard Shortcuts

Transmit is a popular FTP client for the Mac. There are lots of alternatives, including Cyberduck which comes close to being better. But Cyberduck is missing a split-pane view of local and remote files which I think is essential. Other popular apps include Yummy FTP, Forklift, and Flow, but Transmit is probably still the best.

There are a handful of Transmit keyboard shortcuts that are worth committing to memory if you are going to use it very often.

UPDATE: Transmit 4 is out now and not all of these apply to that version (the shortcuts are one of many things Panic improved in v4). For some additional tips check out 15 Secrets of Transmit.

NOTE: Transmit calls the view of local files “your stuff” and the remote files “their stuff.”
The first two keyboard shortcuts work best when in list view (⌘2)

⌘↓ Perform the default action on selected item. Default action is configurable in preferences and depends on whether it is a connection, directory, or file — and if it is a file, whether it is in “your stuff” or “their stuff”.
⌘↑ Go up one directory when browsing “your stuff” or “their stuff.”
⌘← Switch focus to “my stuff”
⌘→ Switch focus to “their stuff”
⌘J Edit selected file with your prefered text editor.
⌘. Stop!
⌘D Disconnect
⌘R Refresh
⌘[ Browse back in directory history
⌘] Browse forward in directory history
⌘⌥F Search Files
⌘⇧D Go to Desktop in “your stuff”
⌘⇧H Go to Home in “your stuff”

There are some others, but in my opinion these are the most useful keyboard shortcuts for Transmit. Linking the navigation of “your stuff” and “their stuff” (Go > Link Folder Navigation) is a time saver, but it does not have a keyboard shortcut. Fortunately, you can easily assign a keyboard shortcut for any menu item, so if you have a shortcut you feel is missing you can create it yourself!


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