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Managing Windows in Mac OS X March 12, 2010

Although Expose and Spaces are nifty, they seem inefficient when compared to simply relying on a handful of native keyboard shortcuts and a few useful applications.


Formatting Text in Basecamp March 11, 2010

I’ve tested a lot of web-based project management applications and I really wanted to like one of them better than Basecamp, but the truth is Basecamp really is the cadillac of project management apps. Here are some tips for faster text formatting in Basecamp.


Transmit 3 Keyboard Shortcuts March 10, 2010

Transmit is a popular FTP client for the Mac. There are lots of alternatives, including Cyberduck which comes close to being better. But Cyberduck is missing a split-pane view of local and remote files which I think is essential. Other popular apps include Yummy FTP, Forklift, and Flow, but Transmit is probably still the best.

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