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March 01, 2012

A Few More Time Savers

A while ago I posted some of my favorite time-saving applications for web workers. This list adds a few more that can be handy for those of us that work on websites.


If you find yourself digging through old projects to find previously written code CodeBox can be a big time saver. It provides an excellent way to store, organize, and retrieve code. Because it is so efficient, I find myself far more likely to save and reuse code. Best part is that you can retrieve and paste without leaving the current application or taking your hands off the keyboard.


Very handy onscreen ruler, loupe with color picker, and onscreen guides. There are more features but those are the ones I use regularly. All accessible via the keyboard. xScope very useful tool for PSD to HTML work and making sure your layouts are spot on.

Snap Converter

Super fast batch image resizing and conversion. For clients that need an easy drag and drop solution, I've recommended Shrink O' Matic in the past, and that's a great option. But if you are a Mac user you may prefer Snap Converter.


If you ever need to quickly make a static copy of an existing site (for archive purposes or maybe to create a "flat" copy of a database driven site), SiteSucker is pretty handy.


Integrity is an excellent way to scan a site for broken links. It generates a useful report that can be saved as a CSV if desired.


QuickCursor allows you to edit any text in your preferred text editor. Especially useful for those times you're stuck editing code in a web form. If you are a Sublime Text 2 user and want QuickCursor to have an "edit in ST2" option see here.


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